Plants vs. Zombies: Temple of Fun - the new game from PopCap, Ea and CE. Avaliable on IOS or as the downloadable game in PC. F2P.


During the Quest for the Underworld, Scaredy-Shroom, Blover and Awesome Peater have discovered the new temple that holds the treasure for those who dare to discover it. But seems that the entrance is blocked. Now the trio must beat incoming zombies, find any plant to join the adventure and find 5 mystic treasures. Will they make it?


This game is like the PvZ:AS once again, but with elements of MMORPG. You can earn cards with plants during your journey or test your skills in Card Survival. Nunchaku Zombie is not the enemy, but tips giver and shop owner. There's also a PvP mode. Plant Food is also here. Use it to finish some problematic zombies.

Game ModesEdit

  • Story Mode - the default game mode.
  • Free Play - here you can do anything you want in completed already completed levels. Unlocked after getting first treasure.
  • Card Survival - the Endless Zone which sends you waves of zombies endlessly. To survive as far as much, use all your cards. Don't worry if you choosed battle plan already. You can still use cards to replace eaten already plants, but only in the enxt wave. Your game ends when a zombie gets into your house or you have no cards to use. Unlocked after getting 2nd treasure.
  • PvP - allows you to play with your friend as the enemy. See who's stronger and gain special Friendship Coins! Avaliable only when being connected with Facebook or Google+.
  • Shop - here you can buy everything by coins, gems and Freindhsip Coins. You can buy upgrades, plant food or even cards.
  • Gallery - here you can see all concept arts of this game. Can you find all?
  • Speed Run - this mode tests your reflex with killing foes. Complete levels faster and faster to gain more coins and plant food.
  • Settings - just like in other games in the world: you change the sound and more. If you're playing on PC, the size of the game will be indetical as the size of your monitor.
  • My City - the special place where you can do things in the next section.

My CityEdit

My City allows you to rule your location. Just choose the location. You will start with the House and a simple garden. However, you can capture terriotries by fighting with zombies to increase the size of your city. Earn coins, sow the seeds, place special buildings and moar!



Image Plant Description DMG  HP Plant Food Ability
640px-Coming Soon!C
Awesome Peater As like Repeater, but lesser damage than him. 60 321 Throws 60 peas, dealing 150% AD and sending the big pea worth 175% AD.
Scaredy-Shroom Deals high damage, but damage gets lower when the zombie is close him. 123 345 Shoots 60 spores, dealing 165% AD.
Latest (1)
Blover Deals low damage, but pushes the nearest zombies into the random tiles except ones with plants. Also heals 5% Dmg every blow. 49 225 Blows all zombies near Blover from the battle.