Here we have achievements for Plants vs. Zombies: The Adventures of Dark Plants.

Very EasyEdit

[1] Ready To Fight

Complete Escape From The Core of Earth.

First world is the easiest. Even a beginner cam complete it without any problems.

[2] Ready... Set... Plant!

Plant your first 20 plants.

Simple achievement. Just plant 20 plants of any kind.

[3] First Blood

Kill your first zombie wave.

The first zombie wave is very 3x easy. It has only 3 dark zombies.

[4] Prize Roller

Win your first prize from Daily Bonus.

Just collect your first prize from daily bonus. Keep in mind that if you started, your first prize will be a day after starting.

[5] I need a break!

Pause the game.

Simple find the pause button colored in red.


[6] USA is Free!

Complete Miami Platern.

This zone in easiest (excluding tutorial one). It has no serious suprises. Yeah, Chicken Wrangler returns, but now sends chickens in phases. So he's not much dangerous anymore.

[7] King of The Jungle

Complete Wild Jungle.

This zone is also easy. It has water that here can regenerate your plants. Only serious suprise is rain that appreas when you plant a fire plant except Instant. It cannot be stopped until all fire plants are exhausted or eaten.

[8] Upgrade!

Upgrade your first plant.

It's simple. Just upgrade any plant you want. The fastest way to get this is upgrading one of tutorial plants. It needs some time, but all tutorial plants doesn't needs some special resources to be upgraded.

[9] My First Suprise

Play 5 times in a row.

Sound very easy, but you will get this one by obtaining your first daily bouns plant.

[10] Hi Big One!

Unleash your first Gargantuar.

The gargantuar from Miami Plantern is not dangerous. Even if sitll can smash your plants, it can also smash zombies and walks slower than any other garg.

[11] Level Up!

Reach level 2.

Reaching level 2 is easy. Mainly you will reach it at Miami Platern - 7.

Easy - MediumEdit

[12] All Your Base Are Belong To Us

Complete Frozen Base.

Frozen Base is quite detriminental. All levels are nightime levels. For more determination, there's a blizzard that decreases vision and cannot be removed since you can't earn for example Blover in this stage. Garg here also walks slower, but can destroy iceberg tiles, because they are crashable when Garg hits or too much zombies walks in iceberg tile. But anything other is easy to beat.

[13] Dress Up!

Win your first costume.

Costumes are funny. More funnier costume = more rare costume. The easiest one is for dark shooter, but it depends on a luck.

[14] Full Learned Basics

Upgrade all tutorial plants at least once.

Find above some notes.

[15] No Pay, No Gain

Buy your first plant using real money.

Having money for exclusive plants is not easy. But if you lucky, you can earn some codes for money to this game. Your budget is in your userpage on Cooler Entertaiment official website. Every buy using real money will remove certain amount of money from your budget.


[16] Survivor

Complete Hotness Desert.

Hotness Desert is similar to Wild Jungle, but instead exhausting fire-based plants, it exhaust all no fire-based plants. There's also moving sand that can apprear in more numbers. All sucks all plants in 3x4 or 4x3 square. So Umbrella Leaf is very useful here. And if you didn't choose her, only survivable plants are fire plants.