Here we have Almanac entries for Plants vs. Zombies: The Adventures of Dark Plants.

Almanac entries/PlantsEdit


Damage: Heavy

Range: Straight

Recharge: Mediocre

Darkshooters shoots dark peas that deals heavy damage, but peas are only shot once every 3 seconds.

Weakness: Shoots peas every 3 seconds.

He's surrounded by shadow, but in his perspective, he isn't. Even if this plant is very good at sniping, he can't survive at least 1 hour without pee. So sad!

Shadow Flower

Damage: Light

Range: Straight

Recharge: Quite Fast

This sunflower is very unique, because it deals damage. Also every attack heals all plants by 1%.

Sun production: Normal

Special: Every attack heals all plants by 1% of thier HP.

She likes having some fun at the midnight. In this time, she has full power to hunt. This is why Shadow Flower is not fair in some hunger games like catching fire. Wait, the Hunger Games? Seriously?


Damage: Normal

Toughness: Normal

Recharge: Fast

Darkness-nuts are a special nut force which appears 1 second after being eaten, but they are weak.

Special: Returns 1 second after being eaten.

Nothing can stop the Darkness-nut win streak in offical bowling champions league. Bowling is his passion and his hard work has results. But Wall-nut is angry! Yeah, Wall-nut was the former champion of bowling.


Damage: Huge

Range: Lobbed

Recharge: Mediocre

Popcorn-Pult is a great lobber of popcorn. This popcorn is unable to target a zombie for 5 seconds, but with a 35% chance (for each projectile) that it could hit the zombie. Also he sends 5 projectiles instead of one.

Special: Each projectile is unable to target a zombie with a 35% chance.

Weakness: Only the first projectile will definitely deal damage.

He is Kernel-Pult's friend. Both pults lives in Popping Volcano and uses it's energy to fight with zombies. "But I also make popcorn for those movie fans" he said.



Damage: Light

Range: Lobbed

Recharge: Fast

This is Popcorn-Pult's odd friend. He lobs kernel and do same effect like Popcorn-Pult, but with 15% chance and for 6 seconds and also with butter. Also lobs single projectile.

Special: Can change between kernel and butter.

His kernel is collected not from Popping Volcano, but from McCain's potato farm. This was McCain's shock, becuase he has harvested a pretty kernel.


Damage: Massive

Area: Touch

Recharge: Quite Sluggish

This little popcorn is friends with Potato Mine. So this plant do the same as his friend.

Special: Explodes when zombie is very close.

Weakness: Needs time to be armed.

"Why you are in friends with this little potato?" asks reporter. "Because we have one big power and one big problem. We deal massive damage, but we needs time to arm." answers Popcorn.


Damage: Normal

Area: Full Board

Recharge: Quite Fast

Tomatoes strikes with tasty splash that is from sky and deals some damage. When tomatoes are eaten, it will send a huge tomato juice trail that slows zombies by 50% for 3 sec.

Special: Slows all zombies on lane by 50% after being eaten.

This is Cooler Pea's favorite veggie. He uses tomatoes for tomato soup, tomato salad and much more. Even if tomato says "Don't use me!", Cooler is not interested about this cry.


Damage: Normal

Range: Straight

Recharge: Fast

Spent too much time at a farm, made this plant relaxed. So when a zombie is near this plant, wheat takes 50% less damage.

Special: Takes 50% less damage.

Wheat is not prepared to fight with zombies. It's prepared to have a simple farmer's life. Yeah, it has a very big farm with many veggies. And it's favorite music comes from Wild West.

Cob Cannon

Damage: Ultra Massive

Area: Full Board

Recharge: Very Slow

Cob Cannons are the special EPF (Elite Plant Force) mortars that deals huge damage to an area on the lawn, but they needs time between each attack.

Special: You can choose where the cob can be fired.

Weakness: Needs 40 seconds to reload

EPF (Elite Plant Force) is a special agency like NSA founded by Magnet-Shroom after the very big apocalypse, when Zomboss and his army has been destroyed the most famous cinema in the world made by our favorite Popcorn-pult. This was a very big shock.


Damage: Huge

Area: 3x3

Recharge: Quite Mediocre

When zombies are near Spinana, it will attack all zombies in 3x3 area.

Range: Close

Spinana has a very shiny order from Flying Plant Battery. But unlike other flying plants, it can't shoot some bombgranates. So why it has this order? This is secret.

Coconut Cannon

Damage: Very Huge

Area: 3x3

Recharge: Mediocre

Coconut Cannon deals massive damage to target and 50% AD to zombies that surrounds attacked target, but needs time to charge.

Special: Tap to fire.

Weakness: Needs 20 seconds to reload.

For some plants, Coconut Cannon is shaggy. Those plants like sleep on him and play on him, but they are throwed out from him when he shoots his coconuts to fight with zombies. "Stupid cannon!" they say.


Damage: Normal

Toughness: High

Recharge: Little Fast

Kiwi will defend your plants and also deal damage to nearest zombie.

Special: Deals damage to nearest zombie when target eats or hits Kiwi.

"Protecting MY house is not very hard. I'm very good at this job. When I must protect other houses, I must be warmed up to be ready. I just don't like protecting other houses. Thier homes stinks."


Damage: Massive

Area: Tile

Recharge: Little Slow

Bombgranate is crazy. This is why it will destroy nearest zombie or group of zombies with explosion.

Special: When hits zombie, makes a 3x3 explosion, dealing 50% AD.

"Why? Why I'm always shooted from the sky? Why?!" This is sadness of Bombgrante, because in vision of Flying Plant Battery, they are AWESOME!


Toughness: Normal

Recharge: Fast

Heals all plants that surronds this plant by 10% of Pineapple's HP over 9 sec.

Special: Heals in 3x3 square.

Once upon a time, he was once used to be a pineapple juice. We don't know why, but when he will be used for this thing, plants will die endlessly.

Bad Orange

Damage: Moderate

Range: Straight

Recharge: Fast

Bad Orange deals good damage at all, but when he's eated, he destroys 2 random plantas.

Weakness: Destroys your plants when eaten.

Bad Orange is just bad, because he is a fan of villains from any universe. His favorite is Joker. But it's unknown why he's joined to the plant side. Maybe because his Joker can help in any sitution like Cooler Pea? No one knows this. Yeah, no one.


Damage: Moderate

Range: Lobbed

Recharge: Fast

Slice-pult is youngest of melon family. So it will shoot melon slices that can't do splash damage.

"I don't like fighting with zombies" it says. But its favorite thing is making melon smoothies by throwing its melon slices to mixer. "I just like it".