Here you can see costumes for plants in PvZ:TAODP. They can upgrade like in chinense version.


Popcorn-pult = Bow

  • Chance of immobilize increased to 60%.

Popcorn = Imposter Hat

  • Gives 150 sun after exploding.

Kernel-pult = Scarf

  • Now lobs 2 projectiles at once.

Tomato = Propeller Beanie

  • Air strikes more often and faster.

Wheat = Straw Hat

  • Reduced damage increased to 65%.

Cob Cannon = Tattoo

  • Recharges faster.

Spinana = Blue Headband

  • Grants 20% attack speed boost.

Coconut Cannon = Earfums

  • Coconut from Plant food effect pushes faster.

Kiwi = Robin Hood Hat

  • Deals more damage. They are now also dealed when zombies are close to Kiwi.

Bombgranade = Brazillian Samba Hat

  • Now Bombgranade can explode when zombie goes futher than before.

Pineapple = Wizard Hat

  • Everytime Pineapple heals, he dealssome damage to zombiesin 3x3 range.

Bad Orange = Stylish Glasses

  • Bad Orange now will don't kill plants.

Slice-pult = Eric's Hat (of course from South Park)

  • Now Slice-pult deals splash damage in 1x1 area.