the plants great battle

here you can make your own games and users can play them


you can make quiz games rpg games adventure games etc adventure game

Users Plants and ZombiesEdit

you can add your fan made plants and zombies here and make games of them fire shroom ,sun bot, pea bot, boxellie, sunflower, peashooter, torch wood, carrot knight, walnut, paincorn, freeze shroom, freeze wood, spike weed, ice weed, fire weed, bonk choy, army pea, gateling pea, army shroom, puff shroom, fume shroom, general pea, u.f.p, pinapple, laser apple, e.m peach zombie, cone head zombie, bucket head zombie, fire zombie, ice zombie, robo zombie, gargunat, rock zombie, soccer zombie, space zombie, blaster zombie, u.f.o zombie, tela zombie, army zombie, general zombie, tank zombie, zombase 101, ice dragon 1000, fire dragon 1000, fire ice zomboss,

[shoots fire]fire shroom [gives power to robots]sun bot [shoots powerful peas]pea bot [beat boxes zombies] boxellie [gives sun] sunflower [shoots peas] peashooter [lights peas on fire] torch wood [sword fights zombies] carrot knight [wall defence for plants]walnut [harder and hurts] paincorn [slow downs zombies]freeze shroom [turns pea to ice peas] freeze wood [hurts zombies when step on]spike weed [hurts and slow zombies that step on it]ice weed [hurts and burn zombies steping on it] [punches zombies]bonk choy [shoots 3 peas at once] army pea [shoots 6 peas at once]gateling pea [shoots 3 spores

at once]army shroom   [ shoots spores at zombies]puffshroom   [shots a fume of spores]fumeshroom   [shoots big peas]general pea   [let you plant in space]u.f.p   [dosent need a u.f.p hurts wall defence]   [shoots lasers]laser apple   [disabals machines] e.m peach   [eats plants]zombie   [stronger then normol]cone head zombie   [super strong] buket head zombie   [heals on fire weak on ice]fire zombie   [heals on ice weak on fire]ice zombie   [tuffer than buket] robo zombie   [strong sqoashes plants]gargunat   [sends rocks at plants] rock zombie   [shoots soccer balls at plants]soccer zombie   [flys in space]space zombie   [shoots plants]blaster zombie   [suks up plants]u.f.o zombie   [telopots behind the first plant]tela zombie   [shoots plants]army zombie   [shoots strong bulluts]general zombie   [drives a tank]tank zombie   [shoots plants 1000 hp]zombass 101   [breaths ice at plants 1100 hp]ice dragon 1000   [breaths fire at plants 1100 hp]fire dragon 1000   [breaths ice or fire at plants 2000]fire ice zomboss   [shoots plants, suks up plants 3000 hp]p.z.s